Importance of Bearings in Rotating equipments

An important part of all the rotating equipment is the bearings. Bearing is an important part of the rotating equipments based on which the condition of the equipments are reflected. Some of the main problems that are reflected by the bearing on the rotating equipments include friction, imbalance, and looseness.

Common Issues of Failure for a Rotating Equipment

 Misalignment is an important issue of failure for rotating equipment and it is usually a factor that reflects the failure of bearing in the machinery. Second important issue is an imbalance in the machine equipment. In the presence of imbalanced components in the machinery, it is observed that there is an increased load on the bearing of the equipment. Additional loads are also seen on the other machinery equipments. When the levels of vibration are higher, it usually shows an increased burden on the bearings. It is important that precision balancing is used in the equipments in order to make sure that the vibration and rotation of the equipments remains fine and managed, so that there is no additional load on the bearing.

Importance of bearing is reflected by the working and increased efficiency of the rotating equipments. One of the main methods to keep track of the health and efficiency of machinery is the bearing analysis. It is important that proper analysis of the bearing is conducted.

Efficiency Comparison of Babbitt Bearings

Babbitt bearing consists of iron pillow blocks which are assembled as a rather loose shaft. Babbitt or bearing metals are often made of alloys. Babbitt bearings consist of clays that are packed at the end of the bearing. Before, it has been observed that the Babbitt bearings were often used in the automotive industry. In most of the rotating equipments today, it is seen that other than the Babbitt bearings, ball bearings or roller bearings are also used. These are the kinds of bearings that can have many advantages on certain machinery.

  • With much lower coefficient of friction, these are the rather newer kinds of bearings in the rotating equipments that can ensure an increase in the life and working efficiency of the equipments.
  • The second important advantage is that ball bearings and roller bearing do not require increased supply of lubricant. On the other hand, axial as well as radial thrusts can be balanced by the ball bearings as well as roller bearings. Babbitt bearings cannot handle these two kinds of thrusts.

With these advantages, there are certain disadvantages that are observed in the rotating equipments. Roll bearings do not offer the advantage of beneficial damping as well as shock absorbing capabilities. These two advantages are offered by the fluid bearings that include Babbitt bearings.

The function of bearings in the rotating equipments holds great importance as these are the equipments that can define the efficiency and working of the machinery. The pressures and loads on the equipments can be defined by the quality of the bearings. One of the most important advantages in the case of bearing is the loads and pressures of the rotating equipments are managed by the help of bearings.